To be taken genuine in the present workplace, you require a photograph that works for you and not against you. Truly, your LinkedIn profile is brimming with achievements, with tributes touting your sheer ability and magnificence, but on the other hand it’s imperative that you draw the correct consideration.

In the present corporate world, a great part of the connections we make are done online. That is the reason establishing a reputation is more imperative than any time in recent memory and why a superb photograph is your initial greeting with the general public. Portrait Agents has helped countless professionals increase their exposure and build a personal brand. You can see our photographs all over the web, from Presidents of companies, Business men, realtors, actors, brokers, financial CEO’s models and many more. We recognize what you require and are more than equipped for conveying it in a most expert form. Invest in yourself, as it is the wisest investment you could ever make.


At Portraitagents, we have the knowledge and years of experience, from our professional photographers with over 20 years of experience. We will capture your true character in our photo session and give you a platform on which to accomplish your business and personal goals.

Modeling agencies are always on the lookout for new talent. Our proven track record of success has endeared us to so many, including agencies such as DNA, Elite, Ford, Major, Muse, Next, Supreme and many more. We know exactly what they are looking for, and you can be rest assured that all their preferences are brought to bare each time we engage in a model test. There’s no better way to get ahead of the line than creating stunning photos that appeal to modeling agencies.


We’ve worked with a countless number of actors, and it’s a no a brainer that actors’ professional headshot opens the window to landing their dream gigs. We cannot stress this enough, but we can tell that it helps a lot for self-promotion, especially in an era where social media is the in-thing to make your presence felt in your sphere of endeavor.

An actor’s first foot in the door isn’t the play they did in high school; it’s the professional headshot that accompanies their portfolio. When you need a photography team that knows the difference between Theater acting and Hollywood pictures, PortraitAgents can give you the modern, creative, or old-school headshot you need. To do that, we work directly with acting schools and teachers for guidance to create the best acting portfolio. Even if you already have one, together we will find a way to update and improve it to meet your specific professional goals; all so you can achieve them in a shortest period of time. PortraitAgents always works until your full satisfaction.


Our artists packages delivers professional images for Influencers that have helped them gain thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. It is undeniable that the photographs influencers use are the bread and butter of their success. That is why artists and professionals choose PortraitAgents to enhance their profiles and build their following? We tailor your images to express your personality through expertly taken photographs that bolster your image and capture the publics attention and admiration.

PortraitAgents has helped artists, bloggers, athletes, DJs, and other creatives present professional images they need to be successful. Whether you are a Musician and need a unique album cover or  cover images that need to go out to the publisher PortraitAgents has the best equipment to achieve your goals. Our team of photographers will make your pictures look stunning and delivered quickly to meet your tight deadlines. All of our packages come with unlimited usage rights so you can use your pictures online, advertising, printing, promotions and more at no additional cost to you.


The following packages are available for any and all professional people who are looking to add a professional headshots to their portfolio.

Headshot photography of an actor in a navy blue suit
Executive Packages from:
● Individual photoshoot ● Up to 30 min shoot ● 5 color corrected pictures ● 1 high end retouched picture ● Fast turnaround time ● In studio shoot ● 1 outfit ● LinkedIn photoshoot ● Unlimited Usage Rights ● No hidden fees ● 100% satisfaction guarantee
Portrait of a actor on jeans shirt and elegant cowgirl cap
Actors Packages from:
● Individual photoshoot ● Up to 30 min shoot ● 10 color pictures ● 1 high-end retouched picture ● Professional Makeup & Hair ● In studio shoot ● 1 outfit ● Headshot photoshoot ● Unlimited Usage Rights ● No hidden fees ● 100% satisfaction guarantee
photograph of an actor with sunglasses and blue short jeans
Models Packages from:
● Individual photoshoot ● Up to 1 hour shoot ● 20 color corrected pictures ● 3 high-end retouched pictures ● Professional Makeup & Hair ● Model Polaroids ● In studio shoot ● Up to 2 outfits ● Portfolio photoshoot ● Unlimited usage rights ● No hidden fees ● 100% satisfaction guarantee
girl headshot photographed black dress
Artists Packages from:
● Individual photoshoot ● Up to 2 hours shoot ● 10 color corrected pictures ● 3 high-end retouched pictures ● Professional Makeup & Hair ● In studio shoot ● Up to 2 outfits ● Creative photoshoot ● Unlimited Usage Rights ● No hidden fees ● 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Because we’re the #1 modern headshot photographers in NYC!
  • Because you need a modern headshot.
  • Because you want to improve your personal brand.
  • Because business professionals like to do business with people that look successful and confidant.
  • Because for entrepreneurs a professional headshot will do create more opportunities for success.
  • Because we have a team of over 20 professional portrait and fashion photographers.
  • Because we have combined over 20 years of experience!
  • Because we offer the highest quality, at the most competitive prices!


  • CEO’s
  • Entrepreuners
  • Actors
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Public Speakers
  • Models
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Creatives


  • Select and purchase your professional headshot package.
  • Fill in the meeting location where you and the photographer will have an amazing photo shoot.
  • Receive results in just 2-4 days! We’ll send you a link to download your digital files.


In today’s modern age, it’s imperative for professionals and creatives alike to present themselves in a unique and professional manner. Using modern headshots is one of the most important tools professionals can use to show the world who you are and what you’re all about.


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